An amusing diversion

2011-06-02 16:06:07 by NaKrown

All is well. Progress with the film remains slow but steady. One fun fact: So, while working on the film I went through a HUGE pile of old VHS tapes in the Newgrounds archives to find material and encode them for future generations. Among the treasures unearthed was this beauty:

/* */
I had only recently learned about the OTHER Newgrounds, so this was a real find. What a crazy coincidence!


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2011-06-07 01:43:01

when the newgrounds movie comes out... will it be free to see by the newgrounds community???


2011-06-08 14:41:46

pretty sure you have to donate to get a free download link


2011-06-19 10:29:32

Hot teen masturbating on cam.

Download here:

She starts crying at the end.


2011-07-17 17:13:59

Well, like they say, "Slow and steady wins the race.".

I don't think that applies to Nascar or most races, though. You have to be fast and steady to win stuff like that.


2011-08-10 10:12:09

This was great and all but I wanna see the docu asap thnx.


2011-12-11 15:43:49

So is the film still in progress? Any idea of a release date?


2012-05-18 20:56:30

You guys nixed this didn't you?


2012-06-22 12:14:12

What happened with the project?