Stickers Contest 2 / Girl Talk

2011-01-06 14:01:09 by NaKrown

Hey folks, happy 2011. A couple news items:
I am relaunching the sticker contest. A few months back I tried to have a sticker design contest with the winning design becoming artwork that I'd use to promote the film, starting with stickers that I could pass out to promote the film and to give to the Kickstarter backers. Long story short, while a couple guys took a crack at it which I appreciate, I didn't really get anything I could use. So I'm trying it again.

From: 96901
Sticker Contest!!
So I need a swanky sticker to send out and I thought I'd open it up to the creative minds of the NG community to determine what the thing might look like. What better way than with a contest?

- Need to be original artwork that you drew (not stolen and photoshopped) and
- Must measure 3 inches by 4 inches and at least 300 dpi and
- Can be 2 colors or full (4) colors CMYK
(Note: If you do a full color design, it would be great if you also had a two color version of it. It makes it way more useful.)
- Should include the film's name "Everything, By Everyone" and url

Entries should fall into one of two categories:
1.designs that use a bunch of NG characters
and or
2.designs that are completely original artwork that gets across the theme of lots of people all over the world using the internet to do creative work

Entries must be posted in this thread by the end of the day Monday, Jan 31st.

If your design is chosen you will win:
- a bunch of the stickers you designed!
- your name in the film's credits under "promotional artwork"
- a reference from me the next time you try to get an art related job "Yeah, I know that guy, he's awesome. Hire him (or her) right now!"
- everlasting fame!
- a cookie!
- possibly some mystery prize as well! (I like coming up with mystery prizes)
Who's in??

If you have any (relevant) questions, you can email me directly at nakrown at everything-by-everyone dot com.

In other news, I continue to wade through the footage and I also recently shot one of my last interviews, DJ Gregg Gillis, better known as Girl Talk. I wanted to hear his thoughts on copyright law and sampling in the internet age and how to make a living distributing your work online for free.
Here's to a productive 2011! Back to it.

Thank you.


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2011-01-07 16:14:35

And what would 3 inches by 4 inches in 300dpi be in pixels?


2011-01-07 17:03:16

I think it'd be 900x1200 pixels, Wonchop.

I'd love to get onto this, but I don't have the time or energy to do art right now.


2011-01-08 07:20:57

Why didnt you post this in the art forum?


2011-01-08 11:59:09

I might do something


2011-01-08 17:26:01

Hey could you tell me what girl talk said through pm?

I was wondering if I was legally restricted from using his music in a game of mine(it is a music driven game) but I really wanted to use some girl talk songs. I didn't think it would be okay because although he fused all those songs together, none of them were originally his.

NaKrown responds:

Seems to me he wouldn't mind you using it. He gives his music away for free. But then you might be open to action by the folks who own his samples? They don't seem to be going after him, but they might go after you. Then again, it probably depends on how many people see the game?


2011-01-11 01:33:47

Done! Any size Available. it is pure vector. c94f3bc333389e9446a2b09a16f4972


2011-01-14 23:29:04

It will be a significant number most likely, but Girl Talk has been a big hit in my location so it's not like it's completely underground. I guess if we do it through xml structures we can remove it later without need for a copyright debacle.


2011-02-01 15:26:59

Here's my late submission. Still building up on the concept c102938c8a778d19354f152f49be670


2011-02-01 15:36:40

er.. update. 9f2e476bde853499d427313e2a242ba

the character is a stretched world.


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