little update/ tape mountain

2010-11-07 21:29:36 by NaKrown

Little update here. I am currently enshrouded in my batcave/editing suite/Y2K bunker and things are going along nicely. Continuing transcription/capturing etc which is always a bit tedious as I pretty much have to go through everything in real time and then capture clips in real time, but it helps when the subjects are so interesting and this is exactly what I signed up for.
Recently in the can, interviews with Xeth Feinberg (web flash pioneer and all around nice guy)
as well as, possibly my most "meta" interview, Yancey Strickler from
Kickstarter's a neat place. Very friendly. Very dotcomey.
That's all for now! (I said it was little.) Thanks again.


little update/ tape mountain


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2010-12-04 09:20:11

can't wait to see it broski


2011-01-02 18:24:59

Sir, I love what you're doing. Very excited to see the end product. Keep it up!


2011-01-03 19:41:36

Hello. You said to say hello. So I said it.


2011-06-16 05:04:51

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