Smart People

2010-10-14 14:30:46 by NaKrown

Greetings from the mid-west and the world of academia!
In the past few days I've interviewed some of the smartest people I've ever met, including Tim Bavlnka and Ted Freeseman from the Popular Culture Dept at Bowling Green State University and Jeff Bardzell and John Paolillo from the School of Informatics and Computing at Bloomington University. Hours of tape later I've gained additional insight into where some web culture and aesthetics come from, the history of the web as an entertainment and multimedia platform and where Newgrounds fits into that history, all from an academic perspective. I feel smarter for merely having been in the room with them. This more or less concludes the road-tripping needed for the film, the final handful of folks I'd like to talk to being largely located in Philly and nearby NYC. In the near future I'll be reestablished in Philly and resuming the review and edit of material!

So far, so good.

P.S. Concerning the sticker contest, I'm thinking I need to either extend the deadline or take another crack at it later. I was not crushed to death under a flood of entries. (I will try to do something nice though for the couple guys who did try something.)


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2010-10-18 18:29:31

I guess you didn't like mine then.... :(


2010-10-19 10:42:29

Somethin nice? What could it be? tshirts? Store credit? DVDs? iPods? Xboxes? Tvs? OUR OWN PRIVATE ISLAND?

NaKrown responds:

Oh man, if only I could hand out islands... :)


2010-11-02 01:39:21

hrmph the sticker contest shoulda gotten more hype, really i'd forgotten about this project until i realized my bank account was 50 dollars poorer, i know this is a vague question to ask but whats the % on this being finished? i wanna see this and get my top gun high five :D

NaKrown responds:

The percentage as in the likelihood that it will be finished? I will not rest until it is! (Which is just an expression, I'm sure I'll sleep.)