Sticker Contest!!

2010-09-08 15:18:57 by NaKrown

From: 96901

Sticker Contest!!

Ladies and gentlemen, with the success of the EBE Kickstarter endeavor, I need to start thinking about getting the backers their preliminary prizes. The first thing needed is swanky stickers to send out and I thought I'd open it up to the creative minds of the NG community to determine what the thing might look like. What better way than with a contest?

Entries need to be 3 inches by 4 inches @ 300 dpi
and can be 2 colors or full (4) colors CMYK

Entries should include the film's name "Everything, By Everyone"
and url

Entries should fall into one of two categories:

1.designs that use a bunch of NG characters
2.designs that are completely original artwork that gets across the theme of lots of people all over the world using the internet to do creative work

Entries must be posted in this thread by the end of the day Saturday, Sept 25th.

If your design is chosen you will win:

a bunch of the stickers you designed!
your name in the film's credits!
everlasting fame!
a cookie!

Who's in??


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2010-09-12 13:28:28

First post :3


2010-09-25 14:58:38

Second post. (I'm gonna win.)


2010-09-26 14:24:15

Third post. Deadline reached. Who won?


2010-09-27 21:54:08

did i win yet


2010-10-02 18:14:42

thats awesome im in