EBE Game!

2010-08-25 11:38:19 by NaKrown

So, I'm pleased to announce the launching of Kickstarter's first promotional tie-in video game!
My pals Sean McKenzie and Ajay Karat worked tirelessly and selflessly to create "Indie Jones" a fantastically fun mini-game to promote the Kickstarter pledge drive, bring in a few more pledges in the 11th hour and otherwise raise the profile of the project online.

Please spend every moment your boss isn't watching trying to save me from being crushed by a giant boulder and pass the game around to all your favorite procrastinators. It is addictive.

We've already been frontpaged on Newgrounds and the Kickstarter Blog! (Thanks guys.)
http://blog.kickstarter.com/post/10046 51754/kickstarter-the-game

When you have a minute for more awesome, check out Sean and Ajay @

I can't thank those guys enough.

Eight days to go, folks! Pledges can be made and prizes earned until midnight on September 1st.

And again, thank you. Be well.



EBE Game!


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2010-08-25 14:51:54

I'm confused.

Why did you take it upon yourself to attempt to make this documentary? Who are you and why is this your story to tell?

NaKrown responds:

I'm also a bit confused.

Answers: Because it's interesting and cool. I'm Nathan Kuruna. And I'm not sure what you mean by that last one. Most people who make documentaries aren't making them about themselves just as most journalists aren't covering their own lives.
Does that help?


2010-08-26 21:10:20

I applaud the idea of documenting Newgrounds.
You have my full support.

I wonder who shall be interviewed...?


2010-08-27 07:05:09

Gimme interview :P


2010-08-27 19:07:17

im proud you would do this us and i hope the movie is free :p. when i say this i speak for everyone on NG thank you.


2010-08-28 09:28:48

well done nathan i saw the preview it looks sweet ill buy it when its out ... unless its free ?


2010-08-29 13:32:09

It saddens me that you spent 10-15 years on this... I bet I could fly down to the newgrounds office and make a better documentary in a couple days. Seriously, your documentary better have some steven fuckin spielberg shit, some CGI mutha fucka! At-At's and lightsabers bitch!


2010-08-31 11:56:10

Andrew Jackson En Route.


2010-08-31 12:31:19

Sadly I realized that this film has been in the works for a long time and I have not known about it, BUT that also means that soonish is sooner-ish than soonish was a(soon?) ago? -ish?
Never the less, I am greatly anticipating the release of this film. And DAMN, someone donated 2.5k, somebody loves you.

Too bad there isn't a way for all of us lesser known creators to be involved.
Damn my inability to make proportions right! Damn it to Hell!

NaKrown responds:

Oh but there is!!
http://nakrown.newgrounds.com/new s/post/313981

Also, I'll eventually be recruiting animators!